Property Management

Services below are offered to assist in maintaining your property while you are away.

Storm Preparation: $25

Prepare for a hurricane or winter storm by shutting storm shutters, bringing in balcony furniture, turning off water and electric, etc.

Monthly Inspection: $15

During the off season, we inspect your unit monthly for any damages due to the unit being vacant and ensure your heat is turned to 55* and no water pipes have burst during the deep cold.  This is also a recommended security procedure for your home owners insurance.

Open for the Season: $25

Get your unit ready by bringing out porch furniture, turning on water switches, opening blinds, and checking for a quick cleaning touch up.

Winterizing: $25

Close up for the season by bringing in all outside furniture, turning off water connections,  shutting storm shutters, turning down your heat, stacking cushions, etc.

Our Services

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Deliveries: $25*

We will be present during deliveries or repairs to open the unit, sign for goods received, and lock up once completed. No need for you to make a special trip to the beach.

Inventory Documentation: $50

Document and have a digital copy of all your inventory and furniture.  This can be helpful when making claims to your insurance company after damage from weather or tenants.